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Tech Tip 1 for Excel 2010: Using the COUNTIF function

by Mike Wilson

In this example we want to know the frequency of ratings in cells A15 through A34.  In a small sample it is not a problem but with hundreds or even thousands of lines of data it can be quite cumbersome.  Using the COUNTIF function and a couple of simple Excel tricks this can be accomplished rather quickly.  (A pivot table can also accomplish this very easily.)

Click the Tip 1 worksheet link next to the sample worksheet below and you can walk through the following steps.

In the B10 cell type the following =COUNTIF(

When your cursor is positioned next to the left parenthesis above, move your pointer to the A15 cell and left click in that cell.  Now hold the Ctrl and Shift keys and tap the down arrow. You will notice that all the cells from A15 through A34 are now selected.  Next tap the F4 key and you will notice that the selected cell range is locked. ($A$15:$A$A34) If you tap the F4 again you can watch the cell locking change.  Now that the cell range is selected, put a comma after A34. Next you want to move the pointer to the A10 cell and left click it, then hold the Ctrl key and hit Enter which will keep the cursor in the B10 cell and perform the function.  This will give you a frequency of 9 which is how many people found the exhibition “Very Helpful” in this example.  Dragging the formula from B10 to B12 will complete the frequency count for each of the ratings.

Tip 1 PictureTip 1 worksheet


Degrees and Certificates

by Lisa Wang

Ever wonder what students are studying?  IRP recently completed its annual Degrees and Certificates Awarded report, which revealed a great accomplish for El Camino College (ECC) and ECC Compton Center.  In 2011-12, degrees and certificates awarded to ECC and Compton Center students reached an all-time high.

At ECC, the total degree and certificate count exceeded 2,000 for the first time.  As in 2010-11, General Studies in Social and Behavioral Sciences remained the most popular major with 244 degrees awarded.  For certificates, Machine Tool Technology grew the most in the last year alone with award counts increasing by 400%.  Despite this increase, however, Childhood Education remained the most popular program.

The Compton Center awarded a grand total of 332 degrees and certificates.  From the previous year, degrees and certificates increased by 9% and 100%, respectively.  As the most popular programs at the Compton Center, Nursing awarded 45 degrees and Childhood Education awarded 41 certificates.

Great job, ECC and Compton Center students!

To read the full report, click on the following link:

Degrees and Certificates Awarded – El Camino College and Compton Center

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IRP Hall of Famer

By Carolyn Pineda

Congratulations to our very own Mike Wilson for being inducted into 2012 Remark Customer Hall of Fame!

Gravic, Inc. awarded Mike this honor for being a loyal user of their Remark Software which is used to create online and paper surveys.  Gravic said in their recognition – “We very much appreciate the many years of assistance you have given us in helping make the Remark products what they are today. It is this feedback and advice from long time users such as you that have helped shape the direction of our product line over the years.”

As the newest Hall of Fame member, Mike was presented with a jacket and an engraved Louisville slugger!



You can read more about Mike in the Remark Customer Hall of Fame.


Program Review Dashboard

By Joshua Rosales

Did you know Institutional Research has been regularly providing data for the programs undergoing Program Review?  Every year we put together a data packet for every academic program preparing to write their review report.  These packets contain four years’ worth of information including the demographics of students enrolled in the programs, grade distributions, success and retention rates, number of sections and fill rates for those sections.  This data is useful in helping programs understand who they are serving and how those being served are doing.

This process has been evolving as we try to meet the general needs of all El Camino College and El Camino College Compton Center programs.  We realize that Program Review is not the only time people need regular access to data, nor is it the only time programs plan.  With that in mind, we created a spreadsheet which will allow ECC and ECC Compton Center programs access to the standard data set as needed.  The data will be available on the portal for any staff member with MyECC access.  This will be updated annually so it can be used for annual program updates as well.

To access the Program Review Dashboard, log into MyECC.

Click on “Research” in the middle of the main screen.  This will take you to several resources provided by Institutional Research.  Look for the Excel spreadsheet, “Program Review Datafile” and select for ECC or ECC Compton Center as appropriate.  Voila!  The standard data we provide is there for you when you need it.

This is also now available on CurricUNET.  If you log on to CurricUNET, select the “Program Review” module.  A series of Links will appear on the right of the screen.  Select “ECC IR Data 2011-12”. Yes, it’s THAT easy.

Watch the low budget how-to video here:


New National Tally of College Completion Tries to Count All Students

By Lisa Wang

clearinghouseThe National Student Clearinghouse recently conducted a study to calculate completion rates for all students, not only first-time, full-time students.  NSC tracked students who entered a 2-year college in 2006 for 6 years and found that the national completion rate was 54%. This included nontraditional pathways, such as enrollment at numerous colleges.  Of these students who are full-time, 75% earned a certificate or degree.  Approximately 15% transferred and completed their higher education studies at a 4-year institution within 4 years; only one-third of these students obtained an associate degree in the process.  Of those who attended part-time at a 2-year college, two-thirds of students dropped out.

You can find the full article below:

New National Tally of College Completion Tries to Count All Students

Basic Skills Tracking

By Marci Myers

Tracking ImageHello! Check out the latest reports on Basic Skills Tracking: Basic Skills Research

Each Basic Skills English and Math course has a report that tracks cohorts between 2007-2010 over two years. Additionally, each 2008 cohort has comparison tracking over two, three, and four years.

These reports will be updated annually. Enjoy!