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Brains & Brawn: Pumping IRon’s First Victory!

By Marci Myers

photoAs Sir Winston Churchill once said, ” Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival.” I don’t know what he was talking about, but anywho, the IRP staff have won the Warrior Wellness Challenge!

The Warrior Wellness Challenge is a monthly competition, hosted by the Fitness Center, encouraging ECC employees to team up and out-exercise their opponents on campus. After a very complex series of computations, points are awarded to each team based on the duration and frequency of their logged hours of exercise.

Team Pumping IRon (get it? the initials “IRP” are incorporated in our team name!) represented by IRP’s own Marci “Muscles” Myers, “Crunchin’” Carolyn Pineda, “Juice’n” Josh Rosales, and “Lunging” Lisa Wang took home the Challenge trophy for their efforts in January.

IMG_20130207_085902_816The trophy is proudly displayed in our office, so stop by and check it out. We will even let you take a picture with the trophy to commemorate this moment in Warrior Wellness Challenge history.

Hope to see you in the gym!


Student Technology Survey – Results are IN!

By Irene Graff

How wide is the “digital divide” among ECC students?  How comfortable are students with technology?  How are students using their smartphones?

These and other questions drove the development of a student technology survey administered in late Fall 2012.  Answers to these questions will help the College plan for technology needs, and to inform educational practice and services to students.

More detailed results and survey methodology are posted to the IR website.

What did we find out?

We were surprised to find that the digital divide is quite narrow, with 94% owning a laptop or desktop computer (±5%).  The vast majority of these computers is equipped with Wi-Fi, webcams and home internet access, and used daily.


Eighty percent own smartphones (mostly iPhone or Android).  While only 28% own a tablet, over 50% would like one.  Students use these smartphones in many ways that you might expect such as for web searchers, texting classmates and managing their schedules.  Tablet users were more likely to also access course websites, conduct research, and write papers using their device.  Text messaging remains king among friends but the preferred communication choice with the College is email.  About 75% email professors using small-screen devices.

Students were much more likely to download content and read blogs and wikis (67-85%) than to upload and/or write to wikis and blogs (<40%).

Regarding students’ level of comfort performing a variety of tasks, most were fine with navigating and researching on the Internet, but many fewer were comfortable performing the standard file-sharing tasks of uploading and using the Cloud.  Only 41% felt comfortable seeking technical support in areas of uncertainty.

So how did students rate ECC?

ECC rated somewhat more “high tech” than “low tech,” with most students appreciating the functionality of MyECC portal services.  Main concerns, however, involved system slowness and downtimes, and the lack of universal Wi-Fi access on campus.  About half of students wanted to see the College use more text messaging, e-Books, and students’ personal email accounts (vs. ECC email).  Few students (10%) were interested in Twitter or Wikis for school purposes.

Overall, survey results suggest that nearly all students have the hardware and features needed to use technology, but few students are using technology for academic purposes beyond communication and Internet searching.  This indicates potential for incorporating more technology in classrooms and academic assignments provided that appropriate orientation and training accompanies its usage.