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Hispanic Student Degree Attainment and College Completion

On Tuesday April 15th, the group Excelencia in Education released a report detailing Hispanic college degree attainment and completion across the U.S., overall and by state. Examining California, there is a drastic difference in the percentage of those who had an associate degree or higher between Hispanic adults (16%) and all adults (38%). By looking through the report, we can see where El Camino College compares to other schools, and what opportunities we have to help reduce the educational equity gap.

Using 2011-2012 federally-reported numbers, the report also examined the top 5 institutions in Hispanic enrollment, associate degrees awarded, and bachelor degrees awarded. Notably, the top 5 Hispanic-enrolling institutions in California were all community colleges. Among 2-year institutions, El Camino College (ECC) was just outside of the top 5 in Hispanic student enrollment (12th) and awarding degrees to Hispanic students (8th). Numbers presented in the report considered El Camino College (ECC) and ECC Compton Center separately. If enrollment numbers were combined from both locations, ECC would rank 4th in California and 17th in the nation. If associate degree completion numbers were combined for both campuses, ECC would rank 5th in California and 28th in the nation. It is also important to note that these numbers are based on the 2011-2012 academic year. Given the increasing numbers of degrees over the past few years, we look forward to seeing where El Camino ranks relative to other schools when more updated information is released.

The report reminds us that in order to reach our goal of degree attainment by the year 2020, 1) colleges can close the college completion equity gap; 2) increase the overall number of degrees awarded; and 3) scale up programs and initiatives that work to improve attainment of Hispanic and other students (e.g., Puente project, Math Jam – similar to “Summer Math Academy” at ECC, Encounter to Excellence, and MESA).

See the full brief here:
Read the brief - you can thank us later!


By Preston Reed, PhD