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Middle-Skill Occupations Part II: Information Technology

By Tanysha Q. Laney

The Health Care industry is not the only industry destined for solid job growth as Information Technology has a promising outlook as well. Similar to Health Care, Information Technology is a high-demand field that provides numerous opportunities for community college students. However, unlike Health Care occupations, Information Technology jobs are found in nearly all industries and enjoy on average, higher wages. In fact, the number of job postings for Information Technology jobs in 2013 (649) exceeded the number of completions within the local area (202). Hence, the supply/demand ratio is favorable. The second installment of the four-part middle-skill occupations blog features opportunities in Information Technology (IT).

Over the next five years (2013 to 2018), middle-skill IT occupations within the local region expect to increase by 4.9% while IT jobs will grow by 3.9%. Middle-skill jobs fueling the growth include Computer User Support Specialists and Web Developers.

IT Chart 6


Chart 3 IT Blog

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