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Degree & Certificate Trends at ECC and Compton Center (2009-2014)

By Joshua Meadors

The new Degrees & Certificates report is here!  It covers the trends in awards received by El Camino College (ECC) and ECC Compton Center students from 2009-10 to 2013-14. Although the number of awards at both locations has decreased compared to the previous year, 2013-14 still yielded the second highest award count in the past five years.

At ECC, the number of degrees decreased by 3% and certificates decreased by 21%.  However, the number of Associate of Arts for Transfer (A.A.-T) degrees grew substantially, with 118 A.A.-T degrees awarded for the 2013-14 academic year.  Each of the three majors awarding A.A.-T degrees (i.e., Psychology, Sociology, and Communication) showed an increase compared to the previous year, even though the previous year (2012-13) was a peak year for awards distributed at ECC.  There were relatively small changes in the number degrees and certificates awarded by any given major, but some of the largest increases occurred among majors offering A.A.-T degrees and STEM-related majors.

At ECC Compton Center, the number of degrees decreased by 7% but there was no change in the number of certificates.  Similarly to ECC, Compton Center also showed an increase in the number of A.A.-T degrees awarded, despite the previous year being a peak year.  Although the number of degrees and certificates awarded by each major in 2013-14 has remained relatively stable compared to the previous year, there has been significant five-year growth in degrees and certificates awarded by virtually every major at the Compton Center.

Overall, ECC is showing a five-year growth of 43% in terms of awards distributed, and ECC Compton Center is showing a five-year growth of 53% in terms of awards distributed.  Combined, both locations show a five-year growth of 52% for degrees awarded and 19% for certificates awarded (44% for all awards distributed), indicating considerable student progress has been made over these past few years.  Only time (and more data) will tell what the future holds for trends in ECC and Compton Center award distributions, but both locations are nevertheless on course to meet their established goals by 2019-20.

Five-year trends for awards at both locations

As you can see from these charts, there’s plenty more data than we could ever fit into a blog post, so be sure to check out the official report!