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Time to Completion Report 2015-2016

by Jessica Sanchez

The newest 2015- 2016 Time to Completion Reports are available at these links:
Time to Completion РEl Camino College
Time to Completion – Compton Center

These reports show in-depth information about the amount of time that¬†our students take to complete their degree and certificate programs. A detailed summary of the Time to Completion Reports for El Camino College and ECC Compton Center is included below. (more…)


Recent Trends in Degrees and Certificates Awarded (2011-2016)

by Joshua Meadors

The newest Degrees and Certificates Reports are available from the following links:
Degrees and Certificates Awarded – El Camino College
Degrees and Certificates Awarded – Compton Center

These reports highlight the trends in degrees and certificates awarded at El Camino College and Compton Center for the academic years 2011-12 to 2015-16. These trends are discussed in relation to minimum standards and aspirational goals set by El Camino College (ECC). Detailed summaries of these reports are in the post below. (more…)