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Success and Retention Reports Online

by Joshua Rosales

Fall 2016 Success and Retention reports are up.  Each term, after grades have been submitted to the Chancellor’s Office, Institutional Research and Planning produces these standard reports which allow people to view outcomes at El Camino College and the El Camino College Compton Center.  You can view these outcomes by Division, Department, Course, and even by Instructor.

Before I proceed, let’s define Success and Retention.  These terms are rates defined by the CCC Chancellor’s Office based on grades received.  The denominator for both terms are all grades of A, B, C, D, F, Pass, No Pass, Incomplete, and Withdraw.  The numerator for Success includes all students who earn an A, B, C, or Pass.  The numerator for Retention includes all students who stay in the class until the end of the term- so all of the previously mentioned grades except “W”.  So a student who receives a D grade in a course is not counted as Successful but is counted as Retained.

Outcomes by age group, gender, and ethnicity are also available internally through MyECC.  You can download the Excel files for each term by logging into MyECC.  Under the “Areas” tab go to “Institutional Effectiveness” and then “Institutional Research and Planning” to access the files.  If you need help, contact the IRP office.

The next upload will occur during the summer after Spring ‘17 grades have been submitted.  That upload will include Winter ’17 and Spring ’17 since both of those terms get submitted to the Chancellor’s Office at the same time.