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2017 Student Success Scorecard

by Marci Myers

It is that time of year again…the 2017 Student Success Scorecard is here!

Released in March 2017, the Student Success Scorecard is annually reported by the Chancellor’s Office. The Scorecard data is available for each community college to inform how well colleges are doing in remedial instruction, job training programs, retention of students and graduation and completion rates.

Here are some highlights:

  • 71% of El Camino College students and 86% of Compton Center students from the most recent Scorecard cohort were unprepared for college.

  • Two new measures have been added to the Scorecard this year:
    • Transfer Level Achievement – Percentage of first-time students at ECC who complete six units and attempt any Math or English in their first year who complete a transfer-level course in Math or English in their first or second year.
    • Skills Builder – The median percentage change in wages for students who completed higher level CTE coursework in cohort year and left the system without receiving any type of traditional outcome such as completion of a degree, certificate, or transfer.
  • El Camino College and Compton Center showed improvement in most Scorecard measures as seen in the Scorecard Trends reports on our website:

All 113 community colleges’ Scorecards can be found on the CCCCO website.