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Degree and Certificates and Time to Completion Reports

by Joshua Rosales

ECC Institutional Research and Planning has released the 2017 Degrees and Certificates reports, as well as the Time to Completion reports for El Camino College and Compton College.

The Degree and Certificate reports highlight award trends for each institution during the 2012-13 to 2016-17 school years. Both Colleges oversaw a growth of degrees conferred during the 2016-17 school year. El Camino grew in both degrees and certificates for the second straight year, after seeing two years of declining awards. Compton has seen 3 years of degree increases, with a 27% growth in the most recent year. Compton also saw its certificates conferred double over the last two years.



A sizeable portion of the degree growth can be attributed to the Associate Degrees for Transfer (AD-T’s). El Camino had an increase of 187 AD-T’s in the last year.  Similarly, Compton saw a 77 AD-T gain, which was 20% of all degrees granted the prior year.

Half of all first-time degree and certificate recipients in 2016-17 were able to complete their programs within four years or less. Few graduates were able to complete their programs within 2 years, which is the amount of time typically associated with Community College. Two-year degree completion rates were 6% for El Camino and 7% for Compton.  Slightly higher percentages of certificate recipients were able to complete within two years.